Student Mentoring Program

Esperanza Health Center (EHC) Medical Student Mentoring Program

First year medical or nurse practitioner students may apply for Esperanza’s Mentoring Program each Summer to early Fall. For additional information or to request an application, please contact David Feister, Medical Department Coordinator, at


  • Longitudinally mentor Christian medical students from the Philadelphia region who desire to use their medical careers in the service of God’s Kingdom.
  • Stimulate students in medical training to engage practically and theologically with what it means to provide healthcare from a Christian perspective—as a “sign” of God’s Kingdom that points to Christ as the ultimate Healer and as “witness” to the Good News that God invites all to be reconciled to himself through Christ.
  • Stimulate student’s vision and skills for providing care to the most vulnerable populations—medically, economically, socially.
  • Stimulate student’s vision and skills for integrating Christ-centered spiritual care in the healthcare context.


  • Mentoring—EHC Clinician Mentor follows student through four years of med school.
  • Clinical Experience—Opportunity for clinical contact at EHC during each year of medical school.
  • Reflection—Quarterly gatherings with other students and mentors for discussion and reflection on assigned topics and readings relevant to faith in healthcare/healthcare in the city.

Clinical Opportunities

  • First Year—Clinical shadowing (once every 1-2 months) with different members of EHC’s multi-disciplinary team (i.e., primary care, community health, home visits, nutrition, social services)
  • Summer after First Year—Encourage participation in Summer Medical Institute (
  • Second Year—Assigned to do 4 sessions of precepting with EHC clinician mentor (Hopefully for credit through area medical schools Intro to Doctoring Course)
  • Third Year—May be able to core family medicine clerkship at EHC site where clinician mentor works (pending Spanish language skills and school approval).
  • Fourth Year of Medical School—Four week elective family medicine/primary care rotation at EHC.