The Case for Esperanza

We’re thankful for our many financial partners and other supporters, whose generous gifts and prayers have enabled us to grow and serve thousands of people in our North Philadelphia community. Now, we need help of others who share our vision to see health and wholeness increase in our community, to bring to life these new initiatives.Quote from Dr. Siu: “I personally look to Esperanza as an exemplary clinic, and I am constantly amazed to see how they can achieve so much with so little resources.”The following is a summary of Esperanza’s current funding needs:

  • OUR NEW HUNTING PARK HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER: While we have secured Federal grant funding of $6.5 million for the planning and construction of the facility, where we will serve up to 7,000 new patients, we will need an additional $500,000 to fully develop the facility, including sustainable technologies, durable supplies and equipment, and gymnasium room furnishings.
  • INTEGRATED PRENATAL CARE SERVICES, engaging with women in our community and supporting healthy pregnancies, will cost over $250,000 annually to operate.
  • NEW COMMUNITY HEALTH INITIATIVES, including our Community Health Promoter program, fitness classes, and health and wellness programs, will cost approximately $250,000 annually to operate, and must be completely supported by outside financial contributions.
  • WE WILL CONTINUE TO SERVE OUR MOST VULNERABLE PEOPLE—UNINSURED PATIENTS. We will provide over $350,000 in uncompensated primary care and medications in 2011, which will undoubtedly increase as we grow in the future.

To read more about Esperanza’s services and funding needs, click here to download Esperanza’s current Case Statement.